Not all characteristics will be evident or even exact. Tracks will change according to the age of the animal, the age of the track, whether the animal was walking or running and especially, the consistency of the soil or snow that the track was made in.

Wolves, Coyotes and other Canines

This wolf track has most of the standard characteristics, especially the X, claws and vertically oval appearance. This print was 4.5 inches long. Click for full 37k image. Note the round appearance, the lack of claws and the distinct lobes on the bottom heel pad. I've artifically increased the contrast to bring out some features. Click for full 37k image.

Cat Tracks

And just for fun — Bear tracks.
  Black Bear Prints Grizzly Bear Prints
Fore Print Black Bear fore print Grizzly fore print
Back Print Black Bear Rear print Grizzly Rear print