Take everything as it comes; the wave passes, deal with the next one.
Tom Tompson


Six friends travel to Nunuvut for a great canoe trip.

Iqaluit Welcome to Yellowknive.  The Real WildCat Cafe.  Interior of the WildCat Cafe for caribou burgers
Trapper's handmade fiddle Early copper knife and pin.  Arrowheads  Leftovers at a flint napping station.
 It's a lonesome land. An Arctic Hare.  Glacial melt kettle. Moonrise over Whitefish Lake
 Caribou antlers in tundra heather. A single tree gowing horizontally due to winds.  Tundra flowers. After days of delay, finally loading up for the Thelon
 Caribou antlers The barrenlands.  Welcome to the barrenlands First view of the Thelon
 Muskox skull Thelon spring flowers.  Unloading the canoes The Beaver departing. We're on our own now.
 First Camp on the Thelon Warden's Grove cabin.  Interior of the cabin at Warden's Grove. Trash left behind at Warden's Grove by the University of Calgary.
 Why we came to the Thelon Bug headnets were a real necessity.  Lunch break hoping for some wind. Incoming rain.
 tundra campsite Hornby's last words before he and two others starved to death.  Midnight, the lowest the sun will get. Paddles cairn.
 Still a long way to go The end of a long tiring day.  Unwinding with a midnight tea party . The day after the tea party, some people are hurting.
 Clouds reflected in the water  Waiting for the plane home.  The floatplane home.  Last view of the Thelon River.