Now soon, ah, soon, I know
The trumpets of the north will blow,
And the great winds will come to bring
The pale wild riders of the snow.
Bliss Carman, "Before the Snow", 1916

Winter camping at its very best. A 10x10 light-weight tightly woven cotton tent and a wood stove.
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Winter Tripping cold-tent style where a quick setup and lightness is more important than comfort.
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Winter camping and tripping can be invigorating and rewarding. These pages contain many of the ideas that I have learned the hard way or picked up from those more experienced than I. Cold tent camping is about travelling light and being on the move each day heading to new and different places. Hot tent camping, due to extra 30 or 40 pounds, makes for a very civilized base-camp and is really the only way to spend extended periods of time in the winter bush.