Let's not forget that water is often the most neglected nutient in a diet, yet the most vital.

cooking sheetA small nylon sheet weighs next to nothing and takes up almost no room. It's great, however, to lay on the ground to avoid getting everything covered in dirt and debris (including yourself).

Notes and Ideas

  • Peanut butter on pita/bagels/bannock can get tiresome quickly. Try Nuetella nut spread instead or change-up.
  • Tex-Mex seasoning mix added to just about anything, especially powdered eggs.
  • White flour, enriched or not, is quickly turned into a simple sugar by the body. It has no "sticking power" Use whole wheat when possible or at least 50/50.

My General rules:

  • No cans nor glass - too heavy to carry and pack out.
  • Coffee each morning; herbals at night.
  • Lunch breaks are spontaneous, for snoozing and relaxation; no cooking!
  • Maximum two pot, one stove meals.
  • Take lots of gorp laced with M&Ms.
  • Take lots of home-made jerky.
  • Take lots of home-made fruit rollups for deserts.
  • Suppliment with freshly caught fish. (Sure....)
  • Think light - long portages, no fridge.


  • Paper-wrapped pre-cooked meat frozen at home - stew and ribs - will last a day or two
  • Pizza - flat bread, pizza sauce, parmesan, olives, salami
  • Curry dishes - Ashoka brand boil-in-bag
  • Quick-cooking couscous makes a great change from rice
  • Small pastas (vermicelli, etc) cook faster and use less fuel
  • Dried pork strips - can be found in local Chinese stores
  • Tuna is in a pouch, not a can
  • Cheese, if wrapped in vinegar soaked cheese cloth, lasts 1 - 2 weeks
  • Granola bars - lots of nuts and goodies
  • Vegetable potato pancakes - dry mix two meals
  • Latke dry mix - 1 pouch two meals - makes great hash browns if more water added
  • Eggs - powdered mixed with dried vegetables/onions, salt and pepper
  • Dehydrate veggies right from frozen - peas, carrots, onion mixes
  • Rehydrate veggies by putting in a nalgene bottle at noon
  • Use a vacuum packaging where possible.
  • Powdered whole milk works well in recipes
  • Mix up a little powdered whole milk and water first then add your coffee