redpine outdoor logo RedPine Outdoor Equipment - Supplier for some of the best outdoor equipment available in Canada with a large list of retailers.
canoeingtripping logo Canoe Tripping A site for All Paddlers.
wintertrekking logo Winter Trekking - The Best Dedicated Winter Tripping/Trekking Site with an active forum.
laverendrye logo La Vérendrye Reserve - One of the best Shield Country Canoeing Places.
Gerald Guays logo GeraldGuay.ca - The personal site of a good tripping partner. Canoe tripping plus some good articles on personal growth and living life to the fullest.
northwestwoodsman logo Northwest Woodsman - A great, well-made outdoor site. How-to articles, outdoor gear, music, photos and videos. Some of the videos show just how natural and relaxed canoe poling can be.