• Fleece Balaclava and a heavy-weight hat/toque - covers the ears and wind-proof
  • Balaclava for sleeping (toques fall off in the night)
  • Neck warmer
  • Full-face pile balaclava or neoprene face mask in case the weather gets rough

Upper Body:

  • Long Undershirts - poly or Moreno wool
  • 2 Wool or Poly fleece shirts
  • Wool or Poly fleece sweater heavy weight
  • Light wind Jacket - Medium weight three-quarter length not waist cut
  • Winter Parka with Hood - synthetic or down fill, canvas shell
  • A light canvas Anorak and pants to keep good clothing safe

Lower Body:

  • Several pair of preferably synthetic briefs
  • 2 pair Long Underwear tops and bottoms - poly or Moreno wool
  • Heavy Wool Pants
  • or Insulated Pants, preferably farmer-john style


  • Synthetic Glove liners
  • Light synthetic Gloves
  • Wool or Synthetic Pile Mittens and shells
  • or a Pair of leather/canvas mitts (gauntlets, skidoo gloves)
  • If cooking around a fire, 1 pair medium-duty leather gloves (hot handles, hot grills, burning wood)


  • 2 pairs Liner Socks (thin, poly)
  • 3 pairs heavy Wool or Poly Pile socks
  • Gaiters
  • Snow boots winter-weight and lined
  • or duffle-lined mukluks
  • Down/nylon camp booties

If you will be working with firewood and huddling near fires, sparks can create a lot of holes in expensive Nylon/Gortex gear. Even carrying firewood can damage synthetic shells. So either don't bring expensive synthetic outer clothing or cover it up with light-weight wool, light canvas or old outer clothing that you don't care about.